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About Us

DrivingOffence.com is a specialist motor offence consultancy with solicitors available to defend motorists accused of breaching road traffic laws. Our depth of expertise has been officially recognised by Manchester Legal Awards, and in 2014, our skilled solicitors were presented with two awards - Crime Team of the Year and Regulatory Team of the Year.

Often contracted to protect motorists from unwarranted driving bans, DrivingOffence.com is there to support and advise clients who believe they’ve been wrongly accused of speeding by the authorities.

Why You Need Representation

Although you’re unlikely to face a driving ban if you’re travelling as little as one mile-an-hour above the speed limit, you could still be prosecuted and receive three penalty points on your licence. That is, if you decide to self-represent in court, and don’t seek the support of specialised solicitors.

From speed cameras to hand-held laser guns, the police have a variety of methods at their disposal to record your driving speed. Yet, there are strict regulations governing the use of this equipment by the police of which drivers may not be aware.

As law experts in our own field, it often falls to DrivingOffence.com lawyers to ensure that these stringent specifications have been met, so the prosecution is left without a case and our client’s motoring rights are protected. In cases where our clients wish to plead guilty, our job is to mitigate all the circumstances to minimise the penalties imposed.

To read more about speeding offences and what can happen, take a look at our Speeding FAQs page where we have answered some of the most common queries.

Speeding Offences - The Consequences

Being caught driving over the speed limit is a punishable offence, with penalties including disqualification, three to six penalty points, a fine, and possible loss of job or livelihood.

If you have been accused of speeding, contact our speeding lawyers today on 0800 069 6000 for advice on providing a suitable defence. Alternatively, fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. With offices in Manchester, we can provide support on speeding offences to anywhere in the UK.

Your Options

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Bloody marvellous, that was the only way in which I could describe the way in which the trial conducted by Gwyn Lewis went. I am a keen motorcyclist and when I was told that I was travelling at 53mph in a 30mph area I could not believe it because the signs in the village that I was passing through were so inadequate, but with the help of drivingoffence.com I saved my licence."

Brian Woodall