Driving With No Insurance

The Consequences

If you are found driving without any insurance, you can face a fine of up to £5000, up to eight penalty points or a discretionary disqualification.

The Law

By law, every driver must be insured - the bare minimum you can have is third party cover. However, many drivers facing a no insurance driving offence genuinely do not realise that they are not covered or that the policy has been cancelled. In such circumstances, advice may be needed to establish whether the insurance should be considered ‘void’ or ‘voidable’.

Increasingly, car-owners are being prosecuted for allowing uninsured people to drive their car. The penalties that go along with this conviction carry the same weight as a motorist driving without insurance. Be cautious when allowing another person to drive a vehicle for which you are responsible.

Business or Social?

Your insurance should specify whether it’s to be used for social, domestic, or business reasons. For example, if you’re discovered using a business car for personal reasons, it could be argued that you’re driving incorrectly insured. You may even receive similar punishments as someone driving without any insurance at all.

Employee Defence

Many jobs require employees to drive company cars. The responsibility of ensuring this vehicle often lies with your employer and so provided you were unaware of the lack of insurance, you can defend the allegation.

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Your Options

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