mobile phone being used while driving

Mobile Phones and Texting

The Consequences

If you are caught using a mobile phone whilst driving, you are now liable to three penalty points and a fine.

As a minor offence, using a handheld communication device while driving can guarantee you three penalty points on your licence and a fine. You may have to pay a considerable fine, if you were driving a vehicle built to carry eight passengers or more. The government made using your mobile phone while driving illegal, due to the vast amount of fatal accidents occurring while drivers were distracted and not having control of the steering wheel.

Although you should only receive three penalty points and a fine, if you’re caught using your communication device while driving, you will receive greater punishment if this action led to an accident. In this event, you may be accused of dangerous driving - a serious offence.

A simple solution to this problem is to have a hands-free kit fitted into your car. Don’t accept a hands-free product if it requires you to handle the device at any point - this would still meet the required criteria for the offence so entirely defeats the object.

The only situation in which you can justify the use of your mobile phone whilst driving is when you genuinely need to call emergency services and pulling-over is impractical.

Court Proceedings

If you genuinely believe that you weren’t using your phone, when you were accused of the crime, ask your phone company to provide evidence of incoming and outgoing calls on your records. With no previous convictions, you will appear more credible in court.

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