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The Consequences

Drug driving offences include being caught under the influence and failing to provide a specimen - unless you have a justified reason, for example, you are very afraid of needles. Penalties include a mandatory 12-month ban from driving, as well as a potential fine, custodial sentence or imposed retest. If you rely on driving for your job, this will result in you not being able to earn a living.

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What is Drug Driving?

It is a criminal offence to drive or attempt to drive under the influence of drugs. However, there is no 'legal limit' for drug driving at the moment, and the police have to prove that you’re driving under the influence of drugs using a drug screening device or impairment tests.

Both legal and illegal substances inhibit a person’s ability to drive by reducing concentration and clouding judgement, and the following must be proven to secure a conviction:

  • Evidence towards the accused being unfit to drive due to drugs
  • Details of their performance during the impairment tests
  • Blood test results showing active drugs in the accused’s body

You can also be pulled over if prescription drugs have hindered your driving performance. For more information, and details on the limits, take a look at our prescription drug page.

What Happens When You Are Convicted

If you’re found guilty of having drugs in your system while driving, the court is forced to impose a disqualification from driving for at least 12 months, unless exemplary circumstances are presented. If you have a previous ban for drug driving over the last 10 years, this ban can be extended to at least three years.

The court can also issue up to six months in prison, community service, or a fine, which, in serious cases, can reach up to £5,000. A conviction could also leave you unemployed, facing high insurance premiums, travel restrictions and a criminal record on your licence.

Allegations of this nature should not be faced alone, as the repercussions can be incredibly damaging. The specialist solicitors at drivingoffence.com can help you through a case, whether you plead guilty or not guilty, fighting your corner for the best possible outcome.

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