Driving Without Due Care and Attention

The Consequences

Those facing accusations of careless driving will be hit with either a discretionary disqualification or three to nine penalty points and a fine.

The Legal Definition of Driving Without Due Care and Attention

Driving without due care and attention – otherwise known as ‘careless driving’ – relies on the prosecution proving you were driving below the standards of most competent motorists.

As you’ve probably ascertained from the vague definition of careless driving, this offence is largely open to interpretation, which makes it a slippery legal case to handle.

Technically, you could be accused of driving without due care if you made even a minor breach of the Highway Code. With no set list of mistakes that could lead to a conviction, you may be surprised at what could get you into trouble.

Some previous convictions have stemmed from:

  • A minor bump into another car.
  • Accidentally scraping another vehicle in a car park.
  • Using SatNav or another navigation system while driving.
  • Smoking a cigarette.
  • Eating and drinking behind the wheel.

As careless driving cases can be so volatile, it’s important that defence plans are carefully constructed. Ultimately the Magistrates will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to convict, but it’s advisable to get legal advice from, to ensure that you escape heavy penalties.

The Consequences of Pleading Guilty

If you are found guilty of careless driving, expect to receive between three and nine penalty points on your licence. Of course, it’s important to have a good solicitor that can ensure a lighter sentence. Points accumulate, and if you already have penalties on your licence, this could even mean that you’ll temporarily lose your right to drive.

Often, there are disparities between the prosecution’s witness accounts, which obviously leaves their accusations open for attack. It’s down to legal experts, such as, to ensure their clients have a fair hearing when they’re faced with accusations of careless driving.

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